Team Building Leadership Training Corporate Retreats


Bikes for Tykes – Reconnect your team with what it feels like and how inspiring it is to hand deliver the product/service you offer directly to… read more

Community Development - Countless opportunities abound to support your community... from beach clean-ups to creating a community garden… read more

Group Juggling – A fantastic, high-energy activity that delivers a healthy degree of learning and fun, while… read more

Horses as Teachers – Receive instantaneous and honest feedback on your leadership skills straight from the horse’s mouth… read more

Kayaking – Get your team out on the water with this versatile and exhilarating team building component that injects energy and… read more

Rock Climbing - The quickest way to build trust and self-confidence amongst team members, whether outside on the rocks or indoors… read more

Ropes Challenge Course - Raise the stakes and feel the exhilaration that comes with breaking through self-imposed boundaries… read more

Survival Simulations - Stranded in a hot desert, hundreds of miles from civilization…how does your team work together to survive?… read more

Team Building Initiatives – Plato once said that you can learn more about a person [and yourself] in one hour of play than in… read more

White Water Rafting – Experience the finest rapids and travel through breathtaking environments – with your team. It’s business…but not as usual!... read more