Team Building Leadership Training Corporate Retreats


Plato once said that you can learn more about a person [and yourself] in an hour of play than in a year of conversation! Believe it or not, getting away from the workplace and ‘playing’ with your team for an afternoon is one of the most productive ways to spend your time together. There’s simply no better way to advance your team’s awareness and performance than through an experiential skill building session, where individuals get the chance to notice and reflect on their own and their teammates behaviors.

One of our most popular programs; Team Building Initiatives conducted in natural environments, or indoors if necessary, can stand alone as a half-day or full-day program or be combined with a Ropes Challenge Course session to make a full-day team building program. These initiatives help to advance working relationships and improve team performance by developing essential components of great team work such as motivation, communication, trust and support within a team. We work with you to choose activities that are in alignment with your learning objectives - a great way to put into practice the cognitive skills learned in our Leadership Modules.