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Survival Simulations are a type of team building activity designed to raise the perceived stakes significantly for the participants in order to generate deeper engagement and learning. A life-threatening survival scenario is given to the entire group along with an exact number of items that have been salvaged that they need to rank in order of importance to the group’s survival. Participants rank the objects first individually, then as a group, and finally, compare their ranking to that of the expert’s. This activity introduces teams to the value of group synergy while also giving an accurate gauge of their existing synergistic problem-solving abilities. Some of the learning outcomes for participants of the program are:

  • Awareness of both relationship and task behaviors involved in successful teamwork – the importance of each and how to balance them.
  • Understanding of both constructive and non-constructive group styles of interaction and how they affect performance.
  • Improved group decision-making and problem-solving skills.
  • Understanding of the impact of group synergy – creates effective outcomes of a higher quality and accuracy than those generated by individuals.

Choose from our Subarctic or Desert Survival Simulation for your team. It starts with a video presentation of the scenario setting and the objects that the group has to choose from, making the simulation all the more real for the group. This workshop can be used as a stand alone half-day program or can be combined with any Team Building or Leadership Training Module to make up a full day. A Survival Simulation is particularly effective when combined with the DiSC Personality Profile as it is a great way to demonstrate the different styles and how they work together.