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Raise the stakes for your team and feel the exhilaration that comes with breaking through self-imposed boundaries and experiencing what lies on the other side. A Ropes Challenge Course full-day program usually starts with some low initiatives (i.e. closer to the ground!) before moving to the high events. The low initiatives are engaging and increase in challenge, requiring the team to perform various tasks. We work with you to choose the best initiatives to support, evoke and achieve your overall objectives.

The high element(s) raise the perceived stakes for the participants by presenting activities that challenge individuals universally. These activities provide breakthrough learning for participants around the fears that hold them back at work and in life, connecting them to the strengths they possess when they move forward in spite of their fears. With a strong emphasis on group support and encouragement, a ropes course program provides a dramatic shared experience that will create lasting memories. The process of goal-setting and genuine inquiry regarding “what worked” and what the learning opportunities were ensures that the learning and experiences will transfer directly back to the workplace. There is something valuable for everyone no matter what age or physical skill level.

“My experience on the ropes course was a life changing event and very empowering. The professionalism and confidence that Aretê Adventures showed encouraged me to challenge myself. I took what I learned and continue to use it daily in both my personal and business life.”
~ Cindi Snyder, Farmers Insurance