Team Building Leadership Training Corporate Retreats


Sandcastle building – pure beach fun with a healthy dose of competition! A versatile two hour team bonding program that can stand alone or be combined with any of our outdoor components; a beach clean-up, kayaking or a beach olympics program to name a few. Participants receive hands on instruction in the art of sandcastle building, from how to create a solid foundation to carving techniques for windows, doors and stairs. Each team is then given their own set of building supplies and their very own plot of beach to create their dream sand sculpture.

The program culminates in a judging contest which is as much about sharing each group’s hard work with the team as it is about finding a winner. Team pictures are taken of each group and their sandcastle and the winners of each category are announced! The sense of pride and accomplishment we felt as kids building castles at the beach comes rushing back and all of this is set to a Beach Boys soundtrack! Who says grown ups don’t build sandcastles?