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When you woke up this morning, did you roll out of bed and reach for your script for the day? Of course not! Life IS improv. We are all “improvising” 24/7 in our many roles without even realizing it! Improv training isn’t just for actors – the basic theories behind the craft apply to all areas of life, both personal and in the workplace.

This two hour workshop combines interactive lectures, demonstrations and group improv games to create a hands-on and engaging group experience that is entertaining and fun! Through exploring the art of improv your team will also build proficiency in effective teamwork, active listening, creative problem solving and presentation skills.

Even the most shy and introverted team member cannot help but be caught up by the positive values, fun and laughter this program generates!

“I have to say, we were all super tired with no energy at all, which I’m sure you could tell. You guys came in and turned it around – it was awesome! At the end of our retreat, the best thing that came out of it was, in fact, the teambuilding activity with you guys.”
~ Angie Powell, Amgen