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Juggling is a fantastic, two hour, high-energy activity that helps people learn a variety of skills and concepts, and have a great time while doing it! The format includes some lecture regarding the notion that what you focus on is what you produce, and is largely a fun and dynamic experiential learning event. Juggling is a great way to illustrate the powerful connection between self talk, internal image, and performance.

By using scarves for juggling equipment, which have a much friendlier relationship to gravity than balls, clubs, chain saws and other stuff that can be tossed in the air, participants quickly experience success and most master a simple three-scarf juggling pattern very quickly.

Group juggling is a fantastic program component to add to a meeting, offering a great way to provide some learning for the organization. You may as well take the opportunity as long as everybody is together and it only takes a couple of hours! It’s guaranteed to turn your event into a memorable one… and everybody gets to keep the scarves!