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Our team building programs fall into two categories; Team Learning and Team Bonding. Both are fun, highly engaging and present the opportunity for learning at any moment. Quite often we will use the same tools and initiatives for both, yet with an entirely different focus. As these two categories often overlap it is possible to facilitate a program that contains a relevant mix of both team learning and team bonding.

Team Learning

Team Learning programs are objective-based team building events that help to advance working relationships and improve team performance by developing the essential elements of great team work such as motivation, communication, trust and support. Through a Client Needs Assessment conducted prior to your program, as well as a client consultation, we learn what the desired outcomes and areas of focus unique to your team are, and address these by custom designing your program.

We will explore your team, the purpose of your team, how you work together, and most importantly, what happens when the going gets tough, through a process of experiential learning. This can also be diagnostic; revealing, and then helping to resolve underlying issues. The activities can be both indoor and outdoor, may be challenging; require group collaboration and innovation, and are tailored to meet the fitness levels of your team. Our Team Learning programs are a great way to put into practice the cognitive skills learned in our Leadership Trainings.

Team Bonding

Team Bonding events are perfect for any team, Department or All Hands Day. They are high energy programs based around team building activities that get people working together and having fun! The activities are the sort of thing that people of all ages and levels of fitness can get fully involved in and enjoy. These events can also incorporate community development initiatives from a small to large scale.