Team Building Leadership Training Corporate Retreats


We invite you to witness the transformation of the common meeting into an innovative one that is extremely exciting, productive, fun and “juicy”! Open Space Technology creates a very carefully structured meeting without an agenda. How can this be you ask? Participants are invited to create workshops around their interests and/or issues. Others are invited to sign up and participate in the workshop subjects or issues that interest them. Within an hour the agenda for the whole conference may be completed. This format takes the passions and strengths of individuals and teams and strategically puts them to work fast, in real time and every individual is free to be where they will be the most productive.

  • Promotes chaos as a potent, creative force
  • Inspired performance is evoked
  • Tunes into the best of the human spirit
  • Encourages free thought and action
  • Flexibility allows structure and restructure to be made to fit the task at hand
  • Barriers are dissolved, leaving room for leadership to move and change amongst the group
  • Provides an open opportunity for everyone to be part of the decision-making process

“Where there is a vacuum, creativity and structure happens.”
~Harrison Owen