Team Building Leadership Training Corporate Retreats


“One customer, well taken care of, could be more valuable than $10,000 worth of advertising. ”~ Jim Rohn

Whether you choose a one-day program or a week-long intensive, our customer/guest service programs are highly participatory, using video, role playing and other experiential activities to generate information from participants that is key to performance improvement. We will help you provide an empowered culture in which employees have the accountability, the responsibility, authority and desire to exceed a customer or guest’s expectations with complete support from management, and feel great doing it!



Your staff will:

  • Identify key needs and wants of your customers/guests
  • Identify main customer/guest touch points and staff members’ individual roles in the overall guest experience
  • Explore essential customer service attributes
  • Identify your existing best customer/guest service practices (what you are doing well now)
  • Brainstorm a “Gold Standard” of customer/guest service (what is possible)
  • Practice managing customer/guest conflicts and service recovery

Our customer/guest service trainings are highly flexible and adapted both to your industry and your organization. Invest in your greatest asset; your employees, because “without great employees you can never have great customer service.” ~ Richard F. Gerson.

Breathe passion into your guest service…