Team Building Leadership Training Corporate Retreats


Empower the supervisors and managers within your organization by providing the core skills’ training that is critical to their success!

Supervisors and managers are expected to coach and develop others, administer disciplinary action where appropriate, and to manage any conflict on their team effectively whilst performing all job responsibilities relevant to their industry. Yet how many of them, especially in supervisory level management, will ever receive any basic management training?

Our Basic Management Skills program is just that – it covers the basics, and yet is appropriate for managers and assistant managers of varying levels of experience. This program works best as an intensive four-day program, but can be broken down into smaller time frames as it is a modular design that covers the following five essential management and leadership skill areas:

  • Communication: Speaking from/to different personality styles (See DiSC), Active Listening
  • Coaching: Employee Empowerment, Favoritism, Discipline
  • Continuous Performance Appraisal: Employee Development, Coaching vs. Discipline
  • Conflict Management: See Conflict Management
  • Introduction to Emotional Intelligence: See Emotional Intelligence