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Are you ready for a change in the way your company evaluates and develops its management staff? Are managers within your organization honestly realizing their full potential? 360-Degree Feedback as a development tool is becoming a popular mechanism that can be a key component to a successful performance management program. Typically, it utilizes a questionnaire that captures perceptions of key internal audiences regarding the quality and impact of an individual’s leadership and management characteristics, as opposed to their job performance. The worker then has the opportunity to use the assessment for personal and professional development by using the feedback to set goals aimed at improving their individual performance within the organization.

There are two ways that a 360 can be delivered. The one most often used is a well structured questionnaire that is in alignment with the leadership and management criteria of your firm, filled out by superiors, peers, and subordinates anonymously. The other is to do it as a peer feedback in person with the whole team present. Needless to say this takes excellent skills on behalf of your facilitator and the willingness to create a safe and open forum with your team. The latter method is found to be tremendously beneficial toward moving individuals and their team forward to new advanced levels of communication, trust and understanding

During the last ten years that 360-degree feedback mechanisms have been in use, the percentage of Fortune 500 companies using them has soared to as high as 90%. Are you ready to join them and find out how a 360 Feedback session would benefit your team?