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Our Guiding Principles


"FOR thousands of years, sailors have used the stars to help establish their position upon the earth. We need a similar series of inner reference points to help guide us through the waves of change which are appearing on the ocean of our times. There is a name for such stars which arises out of a scientific way of depicting the world:
Invariant constants.
Invariant constants are those qualities, processes and hidden organizing fields of life which endure through out all changes. They are known as truth. The discovery of these invariant constants is the life task of any human being. And in the mystery of the universe, it appears that each one of us is afforded our own particular journey. Stray too far from the truth and the chaos of change will tear you apart. Place your trust in it and you will find guidance though the seas may grow rough around you."
~David La Chapelle

As a company, we feel it essential to commit to a set of values and principles, our invariant constants, by which we do our work and live our lives. We will undoubtedly discover more, but we feel that this is a good start...

  • Trusting and Being Trustworthy Defines a Relationship
  • Taking Responsibility and Being Accountable are Integral to Satisfying and Fulfilling Results
  • Telling the Truth Nourishes the Soul
  • Speaking with Intention and Listening Devoutly Works Miracles
  • Preserving Diversity Honors All Relationships
  • Leaving Everything Better Than We Found it is a Global Attitude
  • Living Our Passion is Vital
  • Fail, Learn and Move Forward
  • Courageous Innovation and Unlimited Thinking Also Works Miracles
  • A Connection to Nature is Essential-Answers Are Found There
  • Living to Question What We Believe and Disbelieve Expands Us
  • Having Fun and Keeping A Sense of Humor Opens Our Hearts To Growth
  • Time is Limited-Cherish It!