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Our Leadership Modules and programs are grounded in a holistic approach to leading oneself and others in a reflective, conscious and responsive way. The core process is the integration of multiple perspectives within the four domains of intelligence; mind, body, heart and spirit, creating a strong foundation for personal, interpersonal and organizational success. We recognize that developing leadership skills in all of your employees provides value for all of your stakeholders; customers, employees, shareholders, suppliers and communities alike.

Each Leadership Module addresses an essential leadership competency that can be delivered as a stand alone program or combined with other leadership and team building components. We work with you to assess your leadership training needs and can custom design a program that addresses your unique opportunities and challenges.

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“You have facilitated the training of 48 of our key executives with remarkable impact. This type of training has had a lasting effect on everyone. I credit this success to you and your fine staff at Aretê Adventures.”
~ Steve A. Ladd,
Farmers Insurance Group of companies

Our Leadership Philosophy

Organizations are redefining the distinctions between management and leadership. Leadership today extends far beyond the old paradigm of command-and-control style management that developed during the Industrial Age. To be an effective corporate leader on any level within an organization it is also essential to possess specific leadership qualities and competencies that extend far beyond industry knowledge and technical skills. The process of developing these qualities and competencies is a journey of continual learning. No matter how much one may crave simple and quantifiable training solutions, when it comes to leadership, they rarely exist.

Traditional information-based and cognitive leadership training often fails to deliver behavioral change because knowing about leadership theory is simply not enough. In fact, resources for leadership development have been so absent in the past that most people have learned how to lead by noting what not to do. A 1997 UC Berkeley study on “Management and Behavior” revealed that one third of all leadership learning came from “bad examples”, i.e. knowing and experiencing poor leaders and vowing never to be like them.

Studies are revealing that it is far more effective to focus on the positive; a key leadership competency explored within Appreciative Inquiry, and to pay close attention to those leaders around you who set powerful examples of effectiveness. Perhaps the most important component of leadership training is that it is of an ongoing and practical nature. Aretê Adventures’ leadership skill development programs are comprised of a balanced mix of cognitive, experiential and personal development processes that generate lasting behavioral change.