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“Only 20% of the U.S. workforce is currently significantly engaged in their work.”
How effective could a workplace be that is leveraging
the other 80%?
Raising an employee’s level of engagement with their work is the single most powerful lever and opportunity that most corporations have today to improve productivity.

Welcome to Aretê Adventures!

 We are a cutting-edge team building and leadership training company dedicated to bringing integrative learning to your organization – learning that incorporates many modalities, as well as all aspects of a whole human being. We will work with your team in any context and setting – corporate retreats, sales meetings, team skill building sessions – indoors, outdoors, off-site or on premises. We will expand the boundaries of what is possible for your teams and leaders in the areas of communication, problem solving, decision making and leadership skills. We use a wildly effective and fun combination of experiential education and cognitive learning that is guaranteed to engage your employees.

So, what does an ‘engaged’ employee look like?

Picture a work environment where people are so aligned in their personal and professional vision that work is not simply about showing up and receiving a paycheck, but an expression of their purpose. The potential for today's organizations is to tap into the creativity and passion of the mind, body, heart and spirit of their employees and, in so doing, create a powerful driver toward customer satisfaction and bottom line performance.

We bring maximum integration and engagement to your organization!



*Based on research from The Concours Institute and Age Wave.

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